• "Long days in the office and long bike rides gave me neck, shoulder and lower back pain. They got down to the root cause of the problem and have been instrumental in improving my overall health physically, mentally and spiritually. Highly recommend!"
    Lee A.
  • "I am a software engineer who sits at a desk for 10+ hours a day. I started experiencing numbness and tingling down my arms and into my fingers, as well as wrist pain. My medical doctor said I had Carpal Tunnel and needed surgery. I sought a second opinion. The doctors at Integral Chiropractic took x-rays of my spine and showed me the root cause of my problem came from my neck. I am no longer suffering and can work pain free."
    Akshay G.
  • "Several years after my first visit and Integral Chiropractic is still the core of my healthy lifestyle. I would not be as healthy, fit or happy without Dr. Wilson in my life. As the son of a chiropractor I know the good ones. Dr. Wilson is great."
    Seth W.
  • "My bad neck aches and headaches from a car accident are gone completely. This is after 2 years of pain. They are the real deal!"
    Danielle L.
  • "I was in bad shape, my lower back pain was a 9 out of 10. My boss referred me to Integral Chiropractic because they helped him. After 3 months of treatment my back pain is NON EXISTENT!!! I'm sleeping better, more active, have a better mood, and I'm more competent to perform my job. Their staff go above and beyond expectations to take care of their customers."
    Jordan E.
  • "I was 8 months pregnant, my son was breech, my pelvis ached and I couldn't walk. I was looking for natural pain relief and assistance with turning the baby. The doctor fixed my achy pelvis, turned my breech baby and I had a very easy vaginal birth! After my son was born, she adjusted him too and fixed his constipation issues."
    K M

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