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Back pain can make life miserable for Foster City, CA residents, but it doesn’t have to be that way forever. Dr. Rebecca Wilson at Integral Chiropractic offers extremely effective and non-invasive solutions for patients who need relief fast.

What Is the Cause of Back Pain?

There may be many different reasons that back pain occurs. In most cases, back pain starts when a person is injured or suffers from some kind of trauma. Car accidents are a common cause of back pain, as are accidents in sports like football or basketball. Sometimes, back pain develops slowly over time. For example, disc degeneration is something that can happen gradually as a person ages. Pregnancy or even non-pregnancy weight gain can cause back pain, as it leads to excessive pressure on the spine. People who slump constantly or who have other poor posture habits may experience back pain unless they correct their posture. In some cases, back pain is caused by disease, for example, arthritis or scoliosis.

How Does a Chiropractor Treat Back Pain?

A chiropractor can treat back pain very effectively using non-invasive techniques. Since the alignment of the spine is important in preventing back pain, a spinal adjustment will be an important part of any chiropractic treatment plan. Spinal imbalances can lead to considerable pain if they are not corrected, so this is often the top priority during treatment. Other types of treatments may also be extremely beneficial in resolving back pain. Moist heat therapy, ice therapy, and electrical muscle stimulation treatment are effective ways to reduce inflammation and pain, and they are all excellent complements to spinal adjustment.

Is Every Back Pain Adjustment the Same?

Every chiropractic back pain adjustment is customized for the situation. A patient’s age, the current state of health and body weight can all have an impact on how the adjustment is performed.

How Long Is Treatment for Back Pain?

The length of back pain treatment depends on the patient. Most people get the most benefit from a series of treatments, spread over a period of a month or more. The chiropractor will create a special treatment plan that will give each patient the optimum benefit.

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