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Lower back pain is one of the most common medical ailments in the United States today. Dr. Rebecca Wilson at Integral Chiropractic helps her Foster City, CA patients deal with this painful problem in a gentle and completely non-invasive manner.

What Does the Chiropractor Need to Know About a Patient’s Lower Back Pain?

For the chiropractic care provider to effectively treat lower back pain, it is important for patients to be as detailed as possible when describing their pain problems. The chiropractor will ask the patient to demonstrate exactly where the pain tends to occur, how long it typically persists, and how bad the pain is. Generally, the patient will rate the pain on a scale of 1 to 10. If the pain ever seems to travel to other parts of the body like the hips or the leg, it is important for patients to describe this to the chiropractor as well. If the patient has tried any treatments that were effective or somewhat effective, these treatments should be detailed during the initial visit with the chiropractor. All of this information will help the chiropractor create the best custom care plan.

Why Does Lower Back Pain Develop?

It can vary by patient. Some people experience lower back pain after they are in a car accident. Others develop lower back pain over time, for example, if they have worked for years at a job where they constantly lift, or where they continually make movements that place pressure on the lower back area. Lower back pain may also be the result of major weight gain; for example, pregnant women sometimes have lower back pain due to the extra weight of the baby. Poor posture, especially if it’s a chronic posture problem, can cause lower back pain. Slumping over puts extra pressure on the lower back, whether sitting or standing. Standing up straight greatly lessens this pressure, so the chiropractor will often work on the development of good posture with the patient once their lower back pain is resolved.

How Long Does Lower Back Pain Treatment Last?

Every patient is different, so there is no set duration for lower back pain treatment. Most people suffering from lower back pain will benefit from a series of treatments over a month or more, which allows for full correction of the problem.

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