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  • Dr. Rebecca Wilson Nichols

    I am not the typical person who went into a profession because it sounded “good”.  I became a Chiropractor because of a personal heart wrenching experience.  

    I have a black belt in Wushu, a Chinese martial art.  I was at the top of my form competing weekly all over the United States.  I was working out every day and was in phenomenal shape physically.  I was unstoppable…or so I thought.

    I performed a flying jump kick and landed incorrectly.

    I immediately felt excruciating pain in my low back that radiated down the back of the buttocks straight into my feet which felt like someone stabbing you (lightning-like pain down the legs-which is called sciatica).  

    Over the next year I became addicted to Advil.  Sleeping became a huge challenge, sitting was excruciating and every position was uncomfortable.  

    It was finally time for some medical advice.  The MD ordered an array of tests from X-Rays to MRIs and told me the only way I would live a life without pain was to have low back surgery and the success rate was 50%.  SURGERY??  50%?? NOT A CHANCE!  I was then referred to physical therapy and acupuncture - which didn’t help my condition.  As many athletes can understand- we athletes are stubborn!  Our motto is “no pain no gain”.  I thought the sciatica would eventually disappear over time.  To my sadness it progressively got worse.  

    I finally broke down and saw a Chiropractor.  It was then that my life changed forever.  After a series of adjustments my sciatica and low back pain completely disappeared!  I knew after that monumental life changing experience that I knew I had to become a Chiropractor myself. 

    Chiropractic is my passion.  This is something that I eat, live and breathe and hope to change the lives of thousands of others.

    Our goal at Integral Chiropractic is to get you out of pain efficiently and increase your quality of life getting you back to living your best life.

    At Integral Chiropractic of Foster City, we create a personalized rehabilitative program in a stress-free healing environment.  

    Call today to see how we can change your life.


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